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For overnights & multi-day bookings: I need 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

My only form of contact is email. You may begin with the contact form on my Contact Me page.

Deposit Information

The deposit is 20% of your booking donation.

The deposit can be e-transferred to my email: aliceworldwide.bookings@gmail.com

You may opt to send an e-gift card to the above email. ONLY the gift cards that are specified on my SPOIL ME page.

Unfortunately, if you're unable to provide a deposit we aren't a good fit and I'm unable to book a meeting with you.

Reference Information

A professional reference is a recommendation from a person who can vouch for you.

Acceptable reference:

  • Must be from a known provider in the industry. (longer than 1 year)

  • Must be from a provider you've seen in the past 12 months.

  • I must be able to contact the provider to verify the authenticity of the reference.

  • You may be asked for another reference depending on the providers lack of records and/or memory of you. OR If there is no form of direct contact with the provider.

Agencies (US/CAD) are not a proper reference because they won't provide information about clients. Many agencies don't keep information/records on their clients, unless you're blacklisted from the agency or providers at their agency.

If you have seen a specific provider regularly from an agency, you may use them as a reference only if you have her/his permission to do so, and they have a twitter/terb or email and I can verify that it is in fact their account.

Unfortunately, I'm very strict on receiving references. If in the future you obtain a reference from a provider you've met with in the past 12 months and I'm able to contact and verify the provider you met with, we can plan a date.

Cancellation policy

I understand that life happens while you're planning. Things happen! With that said, if you cancel your appointment 48 hours or less of your appointment, your 20% deposit will be kept as your cancellation fee.

If you cancel in advance, you will receive your deposit back via PayPal.

If you choose to reschedule your appointment with more than 48 hour notice, your deposit will be applied to your rescheduled appointment.

If you reschedule your appointment 48 hours or less of your original date, your 20% deposit will be kept as your cancellation fee.

In the event that you reschedule two appointments in a row, no matter the length of notice, your 20% deposit will be kept. You will need to provide a new deposit to continue rescheduling.

Will I get my deposit back if you (Alice) cancel our appointment?

Yes, you will be refunded immediately in the event that I must cancel.

Appointment And Scheduling Information

Are you able to accommodate earlier appointment times?

The earliest I'm available most days is 11am

Why won't you send me your schedule?

If you haven't been screened, I won't discuss my schedule with you.

Is it appropriate to inquire about your availability with 24-48 hours notice?

Yes, but I can't guarantee any availability. For last minute bookings, I only accept clients that have been screened. This goes for last minute openings as well. (waitlist appointments)

What is a waitlist appointment?

When anytime someone cancels their pre-booked appointment last minute, I will contact clients that would like to be notified of openings. I only accept clients that have been screened.

How do I confirm my appointment?

You confirm your appointment via email.

When do I confirm my appointment?

The night before, please contact me via email confirming our date.

What happens if I don't confirm my appointment?

If you don't confirm your appointment by 10AM the day that your appointment is set for, the date is assumed to be cancelled and your 20% deposit is kept as a cancellation fee.

Duos Information

If you're interested in booking a duo, email me with your request. You may choose the second provider for the duo and I will let you know if I'm comfortable with the provider.

Part of planning a duo will involve forwarding your screening information to my duo partner for her/him to decide if she/he is comfortable with booking a duo.

You may ask me about any provider you're interested in and I can tell you if I'm comfortable with the provider or not. There is no guarantee that the provider will be comfortable being duo partners with me.

Is your rate different for a duo session?

I require rate match, this means that the rate of both providers will be equal; whomever rate is higher will be matched.